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Street Smart Teachers is a leader in online teaching , offering online teaching and tutoring from school to university levels and in all disciplines. Our expert teachers will help you understand the subjects of your interest in a proper and systematic way. Street Smart Teachers explains concepts, dealing with every point, clarifying and elucidating them step by step . Tutoring is done groupwise, in groups not exceeding five students, instruction is individualized, catering to the specific needs and problems of each student. Street Smart Teachers promises to making learning absorbing through live classes and other modern live and interactive methods that can be accessed on any connected device. It helps the student to achieve better grades in his/her regular examinations, also excel in competitive examinations and international admission tests.

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  • Enroll into the course after satisfying yourself with the teaching content, style and method
  • Attend the class as per the schedule

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We have every thing that is required for a successful online teaching career. Our state of the art infrastructure will enable it a reality. You can prove your mettle as an online teacher in many ways using our tools such as forum, blogs, student testimonials on your personal webpage and teaching demonstration videos. These will help in giving a wider digital exposure of your teaching skills. Thereby you will have a greaert potential to attract students across the globe. In addition to this we shall be continuously advertising in the social media and on the internet. When you create a course on our portal you can price the course in USD or INR as we are tied up with PayPal and PayTM for payment gateway services. Schedule your class at a convenient date and time for both you and your students. Receive payment as you go. A teacher can start a course or a subject of his choice.

How it works for Teachers ?

  • Enroll as a teacher, submit your particulars.
  • Receive support system credentials to upload detailed profile.
  • Upload detailed profile.
  • You will receive a mail about your first course within 24 hourse.
  • Edit the course, price it and go live.
  • Make blog posts in the subject that you wish to teach.
  • Share your profile and articles / blog posts in social networks
  • Record a demonstration video share with us to display on your profile page.
  • Receive payment on successful completion on prorata every fortnight

I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.― Alexander the Great

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