About Street Smart Teachers

    An account of Street Smart Teachers

    What is streetsmartteachers.com?

    streetsmartteachers.com is a marketplace for on-line courses, teaching and training.

    How to create an account with streetsmartteachers.com ?

    There is specific registration use your google+ or facebook.com or linkedin credentials to login, your account is created automatically.

    What are the subjects one can learn from this site?

    As street smart teachers is a market place for online courses, the teachers can offer a course of his choice. However, the broad classification of the subjects is :

    • School Mathematics and Science upto 10th standard. This refers to the Indian School Curriculum that is ICSE, CBSE and other state syllabi.
    • Engineering and Technology subjects for the students and for those in service.
    • Management Science and Accounting
    • Science and Mathematics from K-6 to K-12 standard of the US system.
    • Skill up-gradation in Software, Technology, Marketing, Operations and Accounting.
    • Spoken Languages such as English, Sanskrit, French, German, Italian, Urdu, Hindi etc.,
    • Some courses that do not fall into the above category can also be learnt. For instance, Memory Techniques, Event Mangament etc,.

    How the course contents are delivered ?

    The contents are delivered in two fashions viz Recoded audio video lectures and virtual classes.

    The teachers can develop their lectures in the following formats

    1. Self-paced courses: These courses are delivered only in audio-video recordings supported by documetns content.
    2. Contact Courses: These courses will be delivered using audio video recordings and certain number of contact sessions (virtual classes). The virtual classes are essentially meant to address the learning difficulties. The number of virtual classes in a particular course will be identified by the concerned teacher. The teacher will br announcing the schedule in advance and those who wish to attend the session may book a slot.
    3. Regular Sessions: Course contents are delivered exclusively using virtual classes as per a schedule.

    How does Street Smart Teachers work ?

    In streetsmartteachers.com, teachers and students meet to conduct academic activity, namely teaching and learning to take place on-line. The learner is expected to browse the course contents to watch the video lectures in case of Self-paced courses. In the other situations will attend a virtual class with the teacher.


    What happens during a virtual class ?

    The teacher and the taught interact during the virtual class over a web-based conferencing mechanism. streetsmartteachers.com makes no restrictions on the subject content or the style adopted by the teacher during the session, only keeps track of the time and informs them when it is over. Occasionally, we record the sessions to ensure quality.

    Why should I use streetsmartteachers.com ?

    streetsmartteachers.com has lots of unique features which help make online teaching easy and fun. The 'Virtual Classes' platform of streetsmartteachers.com gives you the opportunity to carry out the whole course or individual topics. With this facility one can teach any subject of any level –school to university. All teachers are rated by the students through our unique feedback system; this ensures quality service. You can check about this before paying for a course.

    Do I need to install any special software ?

    There is no need to install additional software or packages. However, you should be having the latest version of either Google Chrome or Mozilla Fire Fox browser installed on your computer.

    What is the matrix for grievance redressal mechanism of streetsmartteachers.com ?

    • Level 1.1 Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are a teacher
    • Level 1.2 Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are a student.
    • Level 2. Both teachers and students can contact "Grievance redressal cell" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Level 3. Both teachers and students can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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