Become a Teacher

    Simple steps to become a teacher

    How do I join as a teacher on

    On the homepage you can find "Login" button. Click on login, use social login credentials to create an account. Furnish your basic profile information. Upload your detailed profile, you will receive information about your first course. Later on you may add any number of courses on your own. Should you find any difficulty contact the manager from the support center.

    Why is that even after submitting basic profile my account is not active?

    Your teacher account will be activated only after receiving a detailed profile, profile pic and Identity proof from you. In case you have not sent your profile do send it to us from the support center. Your profile will be reviewed by our team of teachers before activating your account.  You will receive a mail containing information about your first course on the site after your profile is accepted.  You may choose not to publish detailed profile on the site. In such a case, it will be used for internal consumption only. We recommend the teachers to publish profile as this will be a source of information about your academic merit and experience.

    How much time does it take to activate my account?

    It depends very much on how quickly you can send us the detailed profile. Under normal conditions it will be done within 24 hours. However, may increase slightly depending on the load.

    Why should I give my consent to publish my profile?

    We need your consent as your profile may contain some important points pertaining to you.  There fore,  before publishing on the site we seek your consent to publish on the site.  Your acceptance of the draft  and the final version of the profile are essential to publish on the site.  However, your brief profile will always be published on the site.   Hence, it is recommended to give your consent to publish the detailed  profile.

    Where can I see my profile?

    Your profile can be seen on your profile page in an appropriate category of teachers .

    Is there a format or application form to submit the profile?

    The brief profile can be submitted using a form.  However, there is format for the  detailed profile submission.

    Payment policy

    Our payment policy is quite simple and straight forward. Whenever a student enrols into your course we collect amount as detailed below from the payment received. During this introductory period we have slashed our fee from

    Rs.1000 + 30 %+Rs.50 for every live conferencing session of 60 min. duration


    Rs. 1000 + 20% +Rs.50 for every live conferencing session of 60 min. duration.


    The teachers will have to bear the applicable taxes ( income tax), payment gateway and currency conversion charges for the two transactions viz student to the company and back from the company to you. Resident Indian teachers may share their Bank account details so that payments can be made directly into their accounts via NEFT ( NEFT charges will be collected from the teachers). Payments will be made in the second and fourth week every month on pro rata.


    Please publish modules in offcanvas position.