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    Engineering Physics / Engineering Physcis -I

    Course delivery format: Live Sessions of one hour each ; 

    Schedule: Weekly three days between 8 and 9pm (IST). Course Starts on 18-06-2018.

    Enrolment duration : 90 days - 

    Course Fee: 8000/-



    Interference: Coherence, division of amplitude and division of wave front, interference in thin films (transmitted and reflected light), Newton’s rings experiment.

    Diffraction: Distinction between Fresnel and Fraunhoffer diffraction, diffraction due to single slit, N-slits, Diffraction grating experiment.


    Polarization: Introduction, Malus’s law, double refraction, Nicol prism, Quarter wave and half wave plates.

    Lasers: Characteristics of lasers, spontaneous and stimulated emission of radiation, Einstein coefficients, population inversion, ruby laser, helium – neon laser, semi conductor laser,

    applications of lasers


    Fiber Optics: Principle of optical fiber, construction of fiber, acceptance angle and acceptance cone, numerical aperture, types of optical fibers: step index and graded index fibers,attenuation in optical fibers, applications of optical fibers in medicine and sensors.


    Crystallography: Space lattice, unit cell and lattice parameters, crystal systems, Bravais lattices, atomic radius, co-ordination number and packing factor of SC, BCC, FCC, HCP and diamond, Miller indices, crystal planes and directions, inter planar spacing of orthogonal crystal systems.


    X-ray Diffraction and Defects in Crystals: Bragg’s law, X-ray diffraction methods: Laue method, powder method; point defects: vacancies, substitutional, interstitial, Frenkel and Schottky defects, line defects (qualitative) and Burger’s vector, surface defects: stacking faults,twin, tilt and grain boundaries.

    Seats: 16

    Enrolments: closed

    Next batch: Not been announced yet.


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