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    Strong Root

    I jostled through the crowd, to board the train, to Kanyakumari. I was on a long sojourn. It had been long since, I met a close friend. The day was sultry. I was in a pensive mood, pondering over the distant past.

    I glanced, to catch sight of a child. I said, to myself, ‘how cute’. She was a plump child. She caught sight of me, notice her mischief. We, began playing. I hid her doll. She searched for a while, her mind diverted to something more interesting. I made careful note that children forget too quick. Conspicuous! of their innocence. Quick, to forget, that past moment. Can we become like a child ? Certainly, we could find more happiness. I had to debate on this issue. I tried to apply this to my life. I could feel better, in mind. I felt, that our past experiences, must be reviewed, ‘only to progress’.

    We should contemplate and avoid taking shelter, in the dark side of the past. It leads to several other mental disorders. The heart burn never soothes us, but leaves us in a state of mental turmoil.A child’s mind can drift, from the past to the present, moment. Finding real happiness; is to live in the present moment. I kept observing, minutely, the child’s behaviour. The train pulled into a solitary station. More monkeys than people around. A monkey snatched away the banana the child was eating. The child cried, for a while. While the train
    pulled out of the station, the child just forgot about the past moment.Can we leave behind our bitter past? Leave it behind, let it not follow you and me, like our shadow. “Learn from Observation”.

    The Author : Dr. Louis D’Rose


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