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    Ask ask askAsk Ask

    What is asking? It is a simple act of putting together a query in order to obtain the answer. Whether you get an answer or not depends on how a question has been framed and asked. Asking is a sign of courage and a sign that you are ready to learn. Every question demands a response, so it generates active communication. One concept which looks not at all connected to interviews but gives wonderful leverage over other competitors is this. This is the best way to develop your many skills simultaneously. The list of benefits doesn’t end in this post if start to share. Mostly it’s by experience you get the thrill and sense of achievement.Few skills you can instantly notice are








    More and more…..
    The best way to start with is just go to any stranger and ask him some question to which the answer should be only one word.

    For example: what is the time now? Where this bus goes?

    How to go to so and so place? Etc,..

    As you go on gaining some experience and confidence you can shift to open ended questions.


    How do you get what you want?

    It’s simple, all you have to do is ask! That’s right, it’s not that much more complicated than that. There is no complex answer to this question. What’s missing with most people is that for one, not everybody actually asks, and two, most people don’t know how to ask properly. So let’s learn how to effectively use the power of asking

    Ask with precision

    You need to be extremely specific when you ask questions, otherwise you will not get the answer you are looking for. For example, A person standing at the enquiry counter of a railway station asking the clerk

    Man : When does the Godavari express arrives?

    Clerk : 6.30

    Man : when does the Gautami express arrives?.

    Clerk : 7.45

    Man : when does the Chennai express arrives?

    Clerk : 7.15 (with little irritation in voice)

    Man : when does Charminar express arrives?

    Clerk: 8.00 (this time showing irritation in voice)

    Ignoring his irritation

    Man : when does the falaknuma express arrives?

    Clerk fully irritated :tell me exactly where you have to go?

    Man coolly said no where I just have to cross the track so checking whether any train comes now.

    Got it friends….

    Don’t waste your time and others time and energy by asking nonsense. Ask precisely what you want. Define your asking strategy with the W5 (what, when, why, who, where) & how.

    Ask the person who can help

    You can have the most precise questions, but if you do not ask the right person, you will not get the right answers. For example, if you want to get a job in any MNC will you be asking the grocery shop owner in your street or some old experienced retired government employee in your relatives for guidance? Of course not, this person will not have the resources to help you answer your questions. I see this mistake being made all the time. People ask their friends for advice on issues that their friends have no business giving advice on. The result? A path in the wrong direction. This is why you need to counsel with someone that has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to guide you appropriately. Friends can mean well as they listen to you and try to help you, but that’s not enough if you want solid information to be conveyed to you which in turn transforms into effective results.

    Create value

    You can’t just ask and expect someone to give you something just like that. You have to make it interesting to that person. For example, Some unemployed youth asked a well reputed successful man

    “Sir, if at all you know somebody who has job vacancy pl let me know, I need job”

    How is the question, can you ever expect the person who is capable to help will ever help him?

    Many people out there ask without creating value, and this is why it usually gets them nowhere. Make it interesting for the person you are asking and you will dramatically increase your chances of getting a positive response.

    Ask with total beliefWhatever you are asking for, you must have 100% confidence in it. If you doubt yourself, why should someone else not doubt you as well? Chances are, the client will pick up on it and not buy. You need to ask with absolute conviction. Show that you are sure of yourself, of what you want, and of your success. Also, be sure of the value you can provide. It can’t be wishy-washy. No “if’s” or “but’s”; have complete certainty in your entire presentation.


    Ask until

    Many people ask according to the four points just mentioned, yet they don’t seem to get what they want. This is because they do not ask until they get what they want. And this is the key that makes everything work. You need to be relentless, and not give up until you get the answer you were looking for. Now, I must stress that you absolutely must show flexibility. You need to be open minded and try different techniques. Try asking different people, in a different manner, and providing different value. You have to change and adjust until you achieve what you want. Think of it as adjusting a TV set until you get the proper image that you want. Don’t give up while there are lines and a poor quality image. You will only get frustrated with this over time. Try different cables, tweak your antenna, change your cable box, whatever you need to do to get the image you want. Never give up asking, because the answer that you are looking for is out there. Don’t let rejection or getting the wrong answer phase you. Think of it as a step closer to the right answer. You need to make sure that your question is clear enough to convey the message properly. Use open-ended questions to encourage conversations. It should not be about me—it should be about them and what they will get. Try to avoid trivial questions. Try to avoid Yes/No type question, as they don’t generate an opportunity for conversation. Give the person enough time to get an answer.

    The Author: Raajh Sekhar



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